Cabaret The Musical – Review

Last Monday, as you probably already know from my pre, during and post photos and ramblings, I went to the opening night of Cabaret The Musical in Melbourne at The Athenaeum Theatre, Collins Street. Two words… LOVED IT! Make it three… IMMENSELY! Whilst this is a review, it’s not going into what the storyline is, who the cast is etc etc as you can google all that. What you can’t google are my thoughts..until this post goes live anyways! Then you can, but here they are anyways. Does any of that even make sense? It’s a garbled, all over the shop kinda Hump Day here πŸ˜‰ xx

I knew very little about the Cabaret story beforehand having never seen stage production nor movie of this famous musical. I knew it was set in Berlin as Hitler was coming to power and it involved an infamous club, The Kit Kat Klub. Sexual freedom and social liberation were key themes. The cast looked amazing and I was really excited to see it given it was a sellout and waitlisted in Sydney, knowing how much my aunty loves the story and hearing Paul Capsis speak about the production on radio.

The story was very different to anything I may have imagined it being. It was so much more. More emotional, more eye opening, more entertaining, more everything. Every character had you caught up in their story, for the most part loving them despite their flaws. The awfulness of Hitler and how he changed the lives of every single person alive at that time was enough to make you howl in horror but thankfully the show stopped just short of going that far into it. It went far enough to be a real awakening for many and was also perhaps a reminder of what happens when a race/religion/minority is singled out for persecution. However the story of Sally and Clifford remained the focus. And for once, the lack of a happily ever after didn’t upset me! Normally I like my books, movies, musicals all sewn up tidily with a lovely HEA and despite this not happening in Cabaret, the story which was told was more than enough to satisfy me. It was so highly entertaining, sharing but a moment in time of the lives of the different characters. You don’t know their befores or their afters, all you know is that small snippet but it’s a most fabulous snippet.

We were super lucky as we attended Opening Night, which not only meant red carpet and celebs were present, post show the cast were mingling and we got to gorge ourselves on the best donuts, pretzels, ice-cream etc! Totally amazing!! I also, maybe, perhaps, introduced myself to Chelsea Gibb, aka Sally Bowles, who I’ve been following/stalking on Instagram for a while. She was super gorgeous and lovely and we chatted briefly and had a selfie together-she’s a far better poser than I am by the way! Chelsea owned the role of Sally, just as Paul Capsis IS the Emcee. Two more extraordinary performers I have not seen in a long time. You must see them in action.

Cabaret the Musical is on in Melbourne until May 27th, get your tickets here. Take your mum, bestie, sister or musical loving partner. You will not regret it! Perfect Mother’s Day present too… #justsaying Treat yourself to a date with mum, she will love it and you!