where da faux fur at? It’s FREEZING!

Hey! Are you frozen like I am right now? Even with the heater on sauna level, I’m still cold! Last night I wasn’t though…I was at the After Hours Cabaret Club in my fave #fauxfosho fur coat. Faux fur is the most luxurious, most valuable piece of your winter wardrobe and if you don’t have at least one already, who even are you? Are we even friends?! Jokes… But seriously, if you know me, you’ll know I love my faux furs, even the messy ones hey Lest? (she is my friend who freaks at certain furs if they aren’t “neat” enough…which my fave one isn’t!!!!)

Messy or neat, faux fur is huge again this coming winter, which is actually only hours away, not even days any more it’s so freaking close! Coloured, patterned, long, short, messy, neat, here is my round up of fabulous #fauxfosho furs. I’ve endeavoured to make sure they’re all #shoplocal too as why wouldn’t we support our own economy?

1. by liz

  1. Krysta Print Faux Fur Coat by Decjuba $189.95…this is my absolute fave coat at the moment, I really feel like I would throw out 85% of my wardrobe just to let it in I love it so much. Agree???
  2. The Nomad Faux Fur Jacket by Spell Designs $150 (sale…ltd stock) this is just glorious this jacket, the colours and shagginess of this baby make my heart sing <3
  3. Jump Faux Fur Vest at Birdsnest $189.95…because sometimes you want fur that looks feathery and sometimes a coat is too much, a vest is all that is needed!
  4. Norway Jacket in Ballet Pink by Rusty $139.99…a gorg feminine pink with a shag not for the fainthearted!
  5. Vegan Fur Vest by Bohemian Traders $179 (sale)…an extremely neat faux/vegan fur, perfect for those not into shaggy, messy furs but who still want some #fauxfosho in their life!
  6. Rio Grande Le Crop Fur Coat by One Teaspoon $449…if you’re a go hard or go home kinda babe, this has your name all over it! Statement piece is not doing this jacket justice, it is AMAZE!!!! I literally have the biggest grin on my face just looking at it! Husband, if you love me you will buy me this fur!!!!! It is totally an investment piece 😉
  7. Lilya Sherpa Vest at Surfstitch $179…when you don’t want to go full fur, go for a piece that is fur lined, the warmth and a hint of fur gives you all the benefits without the maximum effect
  8. Unreal Fur Supernova Coat at The Iconic $339…another for those who want to announce their arrival! I love everything about this coat, the shape, length and colours, super rad!
  9. Faye Black Label Fortuna Fur Coat at The Iconic $169…for those who want a bit of pattern but don’t want to go too wild! Fab colourway to go with all your wintery ensembles 🙂
  10. Unreal Dream Jacket by Unreal Fur at The Iconic $309…THE navy/midnight blue faux fur of our dreams! The one we have been searching for all this time!!!

Which one is your fave? xx