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What happens at the After Hours Cabaret Club

Stays at the After Hours Cabaret Club! Just joking, I will share a few titbits with you 🙂

May 28th was a Sunday, a very cold Sunday. I think it was anyways. I was at work so can’t say definitively but it was definitely cold once I finished and dashed home to get ready for a lady date with a girlfriend. That is all beside the point. The point being we had been invited to the After Hours Cabaret Club. This rather exciting event was happening at the Melba Spiegeltent on Johnston St, Collingwood. Super excited I donned Cabaret approps clothing, double velvet and faux fur in case you were wondering, and we hit the road with no real idea of the night ahead of us. We could not have had a more fun evening! This is us at dinner, what a pair of hotties 😍

Show time was 8.30pm, so late for a Sunday night but hey, we like living on the edge and the time is so approps for something as decadent as the Cabaret Club. We arrived at 8.20pm and were warmly welcomed and ushered inside where we were met by a stunning creature. Gigi I think her name was, was in fishnets with plumage and a body to die for! *Note to self- more squats asap. She directed us to seats which we took with a quick visit to the bar on the way. I mean, can one really Cabaret without a drink?!

Pre show we were entertained by a rather funny clown and The After Hours Live Band. They warmed the crowd up until the infamous Tash York took to the stage, the emcee and amazing vocals for the evening. She really set the stage and the standard for the rest of the night…and that standard was high. Burlesque, Cabaret and Vaudeville, nipple tassels, penis puppets and granola (you had to be there!) was how the night ensued. It was brilliant. I was amazed, bewildered by a couple of the acts but mostly just majorly impressed by the whole show. So was Bec in case you were wondering! I have had no previous Burlesque experience and Bec only one show under her belt so we had no real expectations, but these acts blew our collective minds. They were hot, they were titillating (I’ve been waiting to one day have an occasion to use that word!), they were sassy and at times hilarious. Yes a whole lot of superlatives but the After Hours Cabaret Club deserves them!

Tash York, the MC & Cabaret mistress of the After Hours Cabaret Club photo credit Brig Bee

the stunning Zelia Rose who has performed for Dita Von Teese’s production “Art Of The Teese” photo credit Brig Bee
If you are looking for something fun to do with partner or your girls, hit up the After Hours Cabaret Club. I promise you will leave having had a fantastic night out. It is nothing like I’ve ever experienced and I absolutely and positively cannot wait to go again, and take more girlfriends with me. And luckily there are two shows in the very near and near future…

Red Light Confidential this Saturday June 10th in Fitzroy
  • and just announced, Sunday July 2nd back ‘home’ at the Melba Spiegeltent, Collingwood! Click here for tickets. And guess who will be there???!!! Other than the amazing array of stars anyway? MEEEEEE!!! So if you’re thinking you might want to go, Bec and I are thinking of organising a table (we just need two more friends!) so yell out if you want in! I also have a double pass worth $64 to giveaway, YASSSS!!!!! Keep an eye on instagram over the next couple of days for all you need to know 😉

If you want to read more about the show, not just what I wore and my feelings about it, check these reviews out:

In all seriousness though, we had so much fun, giggled like nobody ever has…well except for one other lady there whose laughter had everyone else laughing as well as laughing at the antics on stage if all that makes sense?! But for a great night out, head to the only club in town you need to know about, the After Hours Cabaret Club and I’ll see you there. Don’t confuse me with Gigi either, that would just be awkward! *you should be able to tell the difference, she’s a foot taller than me sans feathers and has the best legs in the business!