#shoplocal with Jen & Jennifer, a new series!

I interrupt regular broadcast of Fave things Friday to bring to you the first in a new series, #shoplocal. A series where I showcase my old faves and new finds that embody shop local for me. These are businesses who are either local to me, or within our fab country, who source and produce locally or ethically and are often just small rad businesses that I feel deserve the spotlight shone on them. this series has come about after the survey I sent out to you babes, asking whether shop local was important to you. The results were a resounding, 100% YES. And so this series was born <3

The first cab off the rank, so to speak, is the gorgeous Jennifer of Jen and Jennifer.

*she’s like the dentist who doesn’t show his face!!! Keep reading for the one pic I’ve found!

I came across Jennifer when down the black hole that is Instagram. You know when you see one pic, that leads you to an account which leads to another and before you know it you’ve spent 2 hours on Instagram, made some new (imaginary) friends and are obsessing over someone’s art, fash, makeup etc?! I can’t remember how I came across Jennifer but it was earlier in the year and I fell immediately in love with her. I was going to say her illustrations but I love more than just them, I love her prints, her pics, her little insights into life. And her blog. This post, A Work Of Heart, truly resonated with me. As much as I love social media and spend many hours every day on it, it does lead to cases of COMPARISONITIS as she writes about. So that is how I found and started loving Jennifer <3

When I first decided to do this series, I sat down and wrote a list of lovelies who I wanted to be a part of it and set about emailing them. Although we have never had contact through any medium much less in real life, Jennifer replied super fast, happy to be a part of this, what I feel is super important, series.

What follows is a bit of Q and A…I emailed her questions, she responded! So in a way, over to you Jennifer…

1. Please introduce yourself…
My name is Jennifer Darr, I am a hopeless romantic, traveller, reader and over thinker. My background is in Fashion and Graphic Design but Ive always been an artist at heart. I feel so lucky to be able to say I do what I love and love what I do. I’m originally from Brisbane but currently live in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne with my Husband Simon.

2. What is Jen and Jennifer?
Jen and Jennifer is an Illustration studio. I do custom illustration, typography and content creation for both small and big clients. A day can involve anything from blogger portraits and typography for magazines to  illustrations for big businesses or product photography for fashion labels

3. Where are you based?
I’m currently head quartered in Melbourne, Australia, where I work from my home studio. I’m a one woman show and mainly work digitally with all my clients. I also sell Art prints via my online store.
4. When did Jen and Jennifer start & why?
I originally started freelancing after my husband and I moved to London in 2014. I had previously been working as a fashion designer but had decided to take a break from the industry when a few opportunities came up for illustration work, and I haven’t looked back since!
5. Why is #shoplocal important to you?
My current print range is all printed locally right here in Melbourne. In fact I am lucky enough to be able walk to my printers! I love supporting small business and manufacturing local means I get to meet the faces behind the dot coms and I find this creates a better collaborative environment and often means I can test ideas and qualities more easily.
6. The important question: TEA OR COFFEE???!!!!
Tea! You can blame living in England for my tea obsession. I actually only just recently drank my first cup of coffee, I’m definitely not a convert just yet, but when in Melbourne… (here is evidence of her tea drinking!)

7. Where can we find you digitally? Give us all your deets!
Instagram : @Jennifer Darr
8. Before signing off, anything else?!
I’ve set up a 10% discount code for your readers! Just enter SHOPLOCAL10 at checkout (valid June and July)
How rad is that???!!! I’m so getting the La Lune poster and the Starry Eyed print and quite possibly the minis for friends!
 Have you fallen for Jennifer and her gorgeous business like I have?! make sure you take advantage of the rad discount code she has setup for you so you can get your #shoplocal on! And don’t be afraid to tag me on insta if you know of a great #shoplocal business I should shine my spotlight on. We all need to get focused on shopping local and doing our bit for our economy and country. Shopping local is the new black!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing with us Jennifer and being my first #shoplocal superstar xx

18 thoughts on “#shoplocal with Jen & Jennifer, a new series!

  1. I love Jen and Jennifer’s La Lune print the most but I Dream in French is fab too. Thanks Life, Love and Liz.

  2. I love their “Philosykos Perfume” Fine Art Print. I think it’s just so feminine. Would look fabulous in my bedroom

  3. The starry eyed print is my fave – so gorgeous and I love that blue! Great post, I enjoyed reading this.

  4. Being a pink girl at heart I love the la lune print best. I also adore the clash between pink and red! 💗❤️

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