Fave things Friday #12

Hellooooooo sun! How good was the sun in Melbourne today?! I’m back with faves things Friday after a week off for the launch of #shoplocal which was just awesome! I’m so excited that you all loved the post and especially loved Jen of Jen and Jennifer‘s gorgeous work. I can’t wait to share this week’s #shoplocal with you!

I can’t believe how busy I’ve been this week with it being a short week here in Melbs having celebrated Queen Lizzie’s Birthday on Monday. Aside from the usual kids stuff and work, I did my first #womeninsport post which is something I’ve been gearing up to do for quite some time. I truly feel in my element right now with these #shoplocal and #womeninsport posts. I’m someone who has never had a lifelong passion for one thing in particular, I didn’t grow up with a particular career being “it” for me. I’ve only ever done Hospitality and recently retail both of which I love, but these two blog series have really ignited a fire within me and I’m so passionate about both these things and want for everyone to jump on board with me!

Onto things to do, read, buy, make and watch this weekend and week ahead…


With my #womeninsport series having launched this week, what else would you be up to this weekend other than watching amazing women play sport?! We are heading to watch the Dandenong Rangers play at home on Sunday at noon, will we see you there??


This is my friend Kate on her ladder. Read about her here and why she’s on a ladder…she’s hilarious and has really good furniture!


How meant for me is this mug?! And it’s on sale!! Get one and we can have like a Caffeine Queen gang and drink coffee in our matching mugs and stuff πŸ˜‰ Pop to Miss Poppy Design to get yours!


How delish (& healthy) do these vegie skewers look?! With chimichurri sauce no less! YUUUUMMMMMM!!!


Cos I love Ed and I love this series, how could I not share this vid?!

Don’t forget to enter the competition I’m hosting on Instagram right now to win FOUR WHOLE HOURS of FREE babysitting!!! I’ll be in your inbox again on Sunday with #shoplocal #2…see you then!!! xx