#shoplocal quenching your thirst with Fruit & Co.

WOW! Am so excited and grateful for your enthusiastic response to my first #shoplocal post featuring the lovely Jen of Jen and Jennifer <3 <3 Just goes to show how wonderful you all are, wanting to shop locally with businesses who source and produce locally and ethically. Businesses who do these things are just brilliant, they care about our community near and far. So to all of you that have and are participating in this series, we thank you for being so rad. 

Week 2 brings a business very different in nature to Jen and Jennifer…we are looking at a Frankston based soft drink company. Though they are soft drinks with a twist…they are FREAKING delish AND GOOD FOR YOU!!! Want to know more? Read on lovely, read on…

Mmmmm, an apple and lime soda with a cute kitty cat on the label at the beach. Sounds fab right?! Who doesn’t want a drink with a cute animal on the label??? There is more to the story than just having a cute kitten or puppy on the label though. Over to Heath to tell us more…

1. Please introduce yourself…
I’m Heath and I am the director of Fruit & Co. I initially worked in larger corporations and wanted to branch out and start a business that gave back to society in someway and helped raised awareness around certain issues.

2. What is Fruit & Co?

Fruit & Co is a healthy apple cider vinegar soda that has a range of benefits including improving digestion, reducing bloating, lower blood pressure, alkalising, plus a range of other benefits. Not only do the bottles benefit humans, every label features a different pet that is currently seeking adoption. If someone is to see our bottles and wants to find out more about the pets on the label they can view them on our website. We also donate 10c from every bottle to local pet shelters. The idea behind Fruit & Co was to not only produce a drink that benefited humans but also to help benefits pets in need.

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3. Where are you based?

We have a production company that produces our beverages for us, we originally started producing it ourselves and selling it at markets, although due to growth we had to expand into having it produced on a larger scale. We have an office based in Frankston and are growing by the day. We are currently expanding into more and more stockists across Australia and looking to expand into New Zealand in the near future. *stockists will be on the website soon, in the meantime order online! Or find them in your wanderings & share with us xx

4. When did Fruit & Co start & why?

I started the business late last year after seeing a photograph on Facebook. It was a terrible photo of a large group of dogs that had just been euthanised, this included both large dogs and small puppies. I had really been blinded to this in the past and didn’t realise how many pets were euthanised each year, I couldn’t believe the figures. I decided to try and bring awareness to this by advertising different pets on the label that are currently seeking adoption, to hopefully help find them their forever home!

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*who wouldn’t want this rad side effect from their drink?!!

5. Why #shoplocal is important to you?

We source our materials locally and find that shopping locally is important to the growth of Australia. Whatever can be done to help influence people to shopping locally and supporting local businesses is incredibly important.

6. The important question: TEA OR COFFEE???!!!!

I am a massive coffee person, there is some really good cafes popping up in Frankston which do a great coffee!

7. Where can we find you digitally? Give us all your deets!!
Heath Maes

0405 936 821

8. We are getting near the end of our Q&A, any goodies for my fab readers? #cheeky
Anyone interested in purchasing our drinks can use code: FIRST10 for 10% off their first order on the website. *Super excitingly, Heath as also generously given me a mixed 6 pack to giveaway to one lucky reader!!!
Hubs and I have sampled the lemon & ginger and apple & lime sodas and luuuurved them. Apple cider vinegar is quite the acquired taste however so they are nothing like anything you’ve likely tried before. A flavoured Kombucha drink would be the closest thing I can think of! The benefits and side effects of drinking ACV are so worth getting used to the taste. I drink ACV in my water every day and am quite used to it and to a certain extent enjoy it. These drinks make it extremely enjoyable though! I can see them being my drink of choice in the warmer months especially.
If you would like to get your mitts on a 6 pack and beat the bloat or improve your digestion, simply comment below with what flavour you are most keen to try πŸ˜‰ extra entries available via facebook and instagram keep your eyes open over the next 2 days! Note. You will need to be local to Frankston for this one for drop off unless you want to drive to pick it up!

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