#shoplocal…the mother/daughter duo behind Mhoo Mhoo

Who remembers this pic from Frocktober last year? (see below) Day 15 had me wearing an amazing, from fabric to flatter level, frock from the fabulous Melbourne label, Mhoo Mhoo. *I’ve just noticed that bright yellow bowl nestled at the base of the rose bush…thanks kids! When the idea of this #shoplocal series popped into my mind, the Mhoo Mhoo ladies were a definite must have to interview. Their whole outlook on business sums up exactly how I feel about the #shoplocal concept.

You’ll have noticed last week I was very quiet on the blog front this past week. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly school holidays combined with werrrrk and several activities had me like, arghhhhh, how do I do this?! It’s all too much! And secondly, I’ve been busy busy sending out a heap of emails to potential sponsors for my Frocktober 2017 campaign. I’m super psyched to reach new donation levels and put together something REALLY awesome. I’m pleased to announce I have TEN sponsors on board already including Mhoo Mhoo who are return sponsors! If you would like to be a part of this fund and awareness raising campaign for Ovarian Cancer, please email me at

How many ‘made in Melbourne’ fashion labels can you name? Not many, if any to quote Scribe. I can rattle off a but a few; this amazing mother and daughter label Mhoo Mhoo being one of them. They have serious #shoplocal vibes happening. Not only do they design right here in Melbs, but they source and manufacture here in Australia too! Imagine how many jobs they are providing by taking this awesome step… You may not know anyone who works for them, but you’ll know someone who knows someone. And that someone is possibly keeping you or your partner in a job too by buying from them or employing them in some way. This is why I’m so passionate about #shoplocal, if we all buy something we don’t normally from a business who holds #shoplocal values at it’s core, we are all helping our economy stay strong. We are helping friends, family and the Smith’s down the road stay employed. The circle of life!!!

Please introduce yourself…We are the mother (Helen) and daughter (Alice) team behind Mhoo Mhoo. For 4 years now, Mhoo Mhoo has enabled us to combine our love of fashion with classically beautiful design and a knowledge for sourcing and utilising high end, luxurious merino wool fabrics sourced locally. Helen has worked in management and run her own business for some time, and Alice has worked within the fashion and textiles industry for several years, so Helen’s business savvy and Alice’s industry experience have helped us to become the brand you see today. Aren’t they absolute stunners?! <3

Tell us about your biz… We design and manufacture clothing for fashion conscious women who love classic, sophisticated design and have a preference to buy locally produced, quality garments. All our garments are designed and made in Melbourne. Our garments are designed to last, both through their classic feminine design and the high quality of materials used so we promote the idea of slow fashion. In today’s retail market within Australia, it is very difficult to come up against the ‘big guys’ who promote fast fashion. We aim to promote sustainability and to highlight the amazing fashion coming from our home grown labels in Australia. We are not trend based, we are quality based. Read more here.

Where can we find Mhoo Mhoo… We are based in Melbourne. We have a number of independent retailers in Melbourne and interstate who buy our garments. We also trade through 1 or 2 online retailers and through our website Stockists info can be found here.

how I love this skirt <3 <3 buy here

How did Mhoo Mhoo come about… We have always shared a love of fashion and design and for a number of years discussed the prospect of building our own label. We wanted to design and make the garments we wanted to wear ourselves, both during our work and play time. Mhoo Mhoo has enabled us to do that. When Alice entered the textile industry, having completed a Diploma in Fashion and Textile Merchandising, we were well positioned to source and access the finest quality fabrics to make our garments.

What is #shoplocal to you?  Because we believe in shopping local and supporting local businesses. The idea of being ‘local and high quality’ are core to our brand. We design, source fabrics and manufacture in Melbourne, Australia. Our fabrics are 100% merino wool, with some leather panelling. Our fabrics are all sourced locally in Melbourne. We think it is important to highlight the local talent we have here in Australia, and encourage consumers to support small local businesses like ourselves, and to drive the ethical and sustainable fashion movement. We want to be at the forefront of this movement. We want to promote and highlight the work done by small designers such as ourselves.

We were finalists at the 2015 Australian Wool Fashion Awards and participated in the Australian made runway at the 2017 Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival. How rad is that??!!! I’m definitely going to make sure I see them the next time they’re on the runway! Who else wants to come???

The nitty gritty; are you tea or coffee ladies? Alice and I are caffeine free these days so its herbal tea for us! *hmmmm, the old question, can we trust people who don’t drink coffee?! I think because of their amazing #shoplocal values we can in this case. It’s a case by case kinda thing 😉

Where can we find you in the webisphere?

hello there pretty two-tone Batwing top <3 <3

Where can we see you out and about doing your thing? We will be participating in the upcoming Tradeshow Fashion Exposed Now in August. If you are a retailer looking to find out more about our brand please come along! *sidenote, I just registered as a visitor to go along and meet some of these amazing brands, if you want to come with let me know and we can go together!

How stunning are all these pieces? The merino, the leather, the cuts that hug your curves in all the right places…it truly is love at first wear with this brand. And that’s leaving the whole #shoplocal bit out of the equation! Helen and Alice are really winning on all fronts!!!








Melbourne seems to have some seriously amazing #shoplocal businesses doesn’t it?! Everyone I’ve covered thus far is Melbournian, or not far from! I’m so excited to keep sharing them with you all…putting my online/insta addiction to good use!! Now who has visited Matching Miini and taken advantage of Rachel’s sale? And used their codes over at Jen and Jennifer and Fruit & Co.? Don’t forget as well, to put forward any businesses you know of that should be featured as a rad #shoplocal biz.