Spring 17 colour palette…thinking and planning ahead

An email arriving in my inbox today sparked a train of thought. That of working on a colour palette on which to base my wardrobe for spring and summer 2017/18. Otherwise known as being a grown up and making good decisions!

Since starting back at work earlier this year, my clothing purchasing has been rather cray cray. There’s been too much excitement and not enough thought. I have to say, I do love every single thing I’ve bought though! My usual rule of ‘each item must be able to be worn in three different ways’ has gone somewhat out the window in a frenzy of rash and unconsidered purchasing. Very disappointing by me…although good come Frocktober when the dress rack is full of my cast offs for others to purchase! However, if I’m to look at the bright side, my shoe purchases have been much better considered than my clothing purchases 😉


Since making this rather unsettling discovery that my purchasing hasn’t been as well considered as it should be, I’ve come to a decision. I’ve decided to be a bit more grown up and adult like when it comes to the next seasons purchases. *insert shocked face* Taking inspiration from my style muses, I’ve put together a mood board for the direction I see myself heading for the warmer months ahead. This will hopefully keep me on some sort of track and make me think twice or even thrice before hitting the buy now button or tapping my card!

spring 17 moodboard by liz

To complement my year round basics of black, grey and white, I’ve added in some colours for Spring 17; lilac, blush and khaki. I feel they are nice and “springlike”, work well with my basics as well as all shades of denim and white (gasp!!! me wearing white!!!) come summer. These colours are currently quite popular around the traps at the moment so hopefully this doesn’t change too much otherwise I’m going to be in trouble 😉

What do you think of this colour palette? I’ve never before been much of a purple/lilac fan nor a pale pink fan but they’re kind of growing on me so I may as well embrace the trend and have some fun with it. As for what I’m going to buy in these colours, I haven’t thought that far ahead. That will be a whole other post!! Although the pieces I’ve included are all pretty much on my hit list…

  • velvet palazzo pants in rose quartz $39.95 (sale) White Haven Emporium by PQ Collection (one of my fab Life, Loves and Liz does Frocktober 2017 sponsors so show them some love!)
  • khaleesi knit $55 at My Bargains Boutique (no longer available in lilac but available in blush, mustard, grey & khaki, it’s super soft & comfy and MBB is another of my rad sponsors!)
  • kristy sandal $99.95 by MNG at The Iconic…how awesome are the pom poms?! <3
  • tonal logo hoodie $79.95 by Ivy Park at The Iconic…oversized AND Queen Bey’s label, need I say more?!
  • air max zero kicks $200 by Nike at The Iconic…they’re pretty aren’t they?
  • weekend tee $49.95 by Decjuba (currently 30% off until midnight Sunday 23rd July!!!!) this is basically my life goals on a tee 😉
  • diamante teardrop statement earrings $17 at Colette Hayman (get 30% off with code FRENZY30 until midnight tonight 20/07)

Do you do ‘grown up’ things like make colour palette moodboards? And plan your wardrobe purchases according to said colour palette? Or am I just being totally weird and overly organised?! I have tried before (here and here and here) to be all planny and organisey (yeah I know they aren’t real words) and it hasn’t worked but I’m going to give it another shot! Wanna try with me? Let me know your colour palette and purchase plans for Spring 2017 and we can be all organised and grown up together…#yeahright 😉 xx