the case for gunmetal vs black jeans

A frivolous FriYAY post for y’all today. Motto, currently has 30% off jeans until Sunday (30th July). Now as many of you know, I work for Motto but this is in no way paid for, sponsored or initiated by them. This is me, asking frivolous fashion questions of you, my trusted Life, Loves and Liz peeps. I really need to buy jeans, but I’m stuck on colour before we even move into the whole fit part of it. And it’s not even as simple as choosing between white jeans or black. That would be fairly easy. No this is much more difficult…enter gunmetal!

This is deciding between black and gunmetal, which I would describe as vintage black. It’s not grey, it’s not charcoal, it’s that not black black colour that is black…sort of! Am I confusing you?!!!!

So this is what I’m talking about…gunmetal…it’s a faded, vintagey black yeah?

And this is the black…see how they’re so similar yet not quite?

What do you think? Black or gunmetal? I’m leaning towards gunmetal…I feel like the slightly faded thing is way more me than the solid, classic black. I have found some uber stylish babes wearing gunmetal/vintage black as opposed to black black to strengthen my case;

the unofficial queen of dark denim…Mossy giving good gunmetal vibes in a rather dressed up ensemble

another fave Brit, Sienna Miller making gunmetal fade into the background with pops of khaki & tan

Vogue Australia Fashion Director, Christine Centenera, doing her bit for team gunmetal <3

German fashion blogger, Aylin Koenig, making her case for the pairing of gunmetal and coffee #love (check out the trashed hems <3 <3 )

So are we all team gunmetal now? At least when it comes to me anyways!! Now for the skinny vs slim debate…actually I’ll save that for another day. I need to get into Motto and nab these jeans before they sell out!

And just in case of any lingering doubt…here is Motto HQ mega babe Catherine in the gunmetals 😉