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#shoplocal & enjoy amazing meals with Marley Spoon

Have you gone down the path of home delivered meals or meal preparation boxes before? I only have once and it wasn’t a huge success and needless to say left a bad taste in my mouth so to speak. However, seeing so much positivity surrounding Marley Spoon on social media, where else do you turn to for reviews these days after all, I decided I would try again. And crossed everything for a better outcome. The deciding factor in choosing to go ahead with Marley Spoon was whilst you couldn’t so much pick and choose ingredients to add in or out, you could choose the actual meals you received and then if like our house, onion is an issue you simply don’t use it! Perfect! And you pick the day and time of delivery so it works with you and your week.

Marley Spoon delivered the goods. *pun intended. I popped my order in, a family (4 serves) box for 2 meals a week. We received a huge box with everything in usage size portions, instructions and clearly labeled and it turned out each meal fed the FIVE of us, plus lunch for hubs the next day. How fabulous is that?! Plus they include instructions on how to best recycle their packaging (this makes me very happy). I’m going to save the rest of my thoughts about Marley Spoon for my actual review next week (exciting!!! You get to see all my super amazing food styling and photography skills!!) and hand over to Olivia, a founding member of Marley Spoon 🙂

Please introduce yourself…

I am Olivia Andrews, the culinary creative director and founding member of Marley Spoon! I’m a passionate cook, food writer and mum. At Marley Spoon, I develop all the delicious recipes that our customers eat, with a great team around me.

My career has spanned across restaurant kitchens, to some of Australia’s top food television programmes, all the way to magazines & cookbooks. I’ve worked with Gordon Ramsay, behind the scenes at MasterChef, SBS Destination Flavour and Ready Steady Cook and have also written and edited cookbooks – my own being a slow cooker cookbook. Perfect for winter!

Tell us about Marley Spoon…

Marley Spoon is all about making weeknight dinners easier for busy people.

We deliver top quality fresh ingredients to homes and workplaces with a chef-designed 30 minute recipe, simplifying weeknight cooking and helping busy people to skip the supermarket.

Marley Spoon offers unrivalled choice, providing a selection of 12 new recipes on offer every week in 2-person and 4-person boxes, as well as free delivery and zero food waste!

Where is Marley Spoon based?

We are based in Alexandria and Enfield, Sydney – the kitchen, marketing and customer care in Alexandria, and the warehouse in Enfield. We are completely online – you order your dishes and they get sent to your door. We are expanding incredibly quickly, so no doubt will have more locations soon (from a warehouse perspective)

When did Marley Spoon begin & why?

Marley Spoon actually started in Germany in 2013. In 2015, we started it up here. The reason it began was because of a growing need for online grocery options, combined with a simplified way to choose and cook your dinners – people are busier than ever, and cooking every night can be hard, particularly for mums and busy families. We wanted to simplify people’s lives by doing the hard work – so you can enjoy the cooking and eating part!

Why is #shoplocal important to you?

We get most of our produce from local suppliers – for example Vanella Cheese in Marrickville, Borrowdale Pork from Queensland, and Brasserie Bread in Alexandria. We know that there are too many amazing farmers and artisans across Sydney and the country for us to go elsewhere. We love supporting local businesses and also celebrating them in our marketing campaigns. We know that our customers really value super fresh, well made/grown ingredients, and a localised, sustainable approached.

The important question: TEA OR COFFEE???!!!!

Coffee for SURE. Soy 😉

pop in all your links and contact info here…basically your business card info!

Right now we’ve got some amazing One Pan dishes on the menu each week in August – the perfect dinner for weeknights when you just want to chill. Simply chop, combine and pop on the stove/in the oven and it’ll do it’s thing while you watch Netflix, have a bath, or enjoy a nice glass of wine!


Currently, Marley Spoon has a couple of discount codes you can use to try them out and get on board:


Who wants to jump on the meal delivery bandwagon now? Enjoying delish meals with produce from Australian farmers and producers all delivered to your doorstep with very little effort on your behalf?!