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The 5 products you must buy from Priceline’s 40% off sale

Some time ago I asked 100 of my fellow hustlin’ mummas what their 5 must have makeup products were. If you could only have 5 makeup products, what would they be? For me, it was easy…foundation, bronzer, blush, eyebrow pencil and mascara. However, my answers weren’t atypical of the 100 mums. There were quite a lot of different answers! The 3 that featured in nearly all, like 97%, answers were:

  1. A base…whether it be foundation, BB cream or CC cream, we all want some sort of coverage
  2. An eyebrow product…pencil, powder or gel, it seems eyebrows are not to be forgotten these days. Can you believe brow products came in second of all makeup products???!!!
  3. Mascara…naturally. Even in this age of lash lifts and extensions, we all still have a place for mascara in our makeup bags.

So what were the other two products rounding out the top 5?

Lip products, balms, lipstick, gloss, stains came in fourth. Not surprising, even though I rarely wear them, it seems most gals do. It was a pretty even spread though which product was actually chosen. There was no clear preference for lipstick over gloss or balm or stain. It seems we all have a fave, no wonder this market segment is GIGANTIC! So fifth was cheek products. I combined bronzer, blush and contouring products together to make a clear 5th place getter as it was pretty even between bronzer and blush. Eyeshadows and liners whilst popular were by far not everyday essentials which I did expect. Mum life has us all really paring it back to absolute essentials! Concealer barely rated which surprised me. I would have expected way more babes to be using it…perhaps we are all looking after our skin better (yay us! High fives!!!) or maybe we’ve just accepted our dark circles and moved on 😉 Or maybe we’ve adopted this look…

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With Priceline announcing their uber 40% makeup sale (Wednesday 16th August-Thursday 17th August), I naturally got a bit excited about updating the old makeup bag. I’m beginning to run low on several things and now I have to wear makeup more than once a month, I really need to replenish supplies. I called up my baben personal makeup artist (we all have one don’t we?! If you don’t I will share mine with you. She’s rad, gets my face looking good and does exactly what I need and usually serves up a cuppa whilst doing so!) to get some recommendations on what I should be adding to my kit. How profesh does kit sound…makes it seem like I have a clue makeup wise! I don’t really, but at least I have the products so I can kidnap her and make her apply them to my face! I don’t really do that I promise.

So these are the 5 products she has recommended…her name is Bec by the way. I’ll pop Bec’s deets down the bottom in case you need your face made up for something 🙂

Maybelline Brow Tattoo $24.94 RRP

I have never used this before but it promises to fill & define one’s brows for THREE days!!!! Anything that only requires application a couple of times a week is a winner in my book!

NYX Butter Gloss $9.95

Bec’s fave colours are merengue and angel food cake but there are so many seriously pretty colours & for $6 each you can go a little cray cray & buy a few 😉

Burts Bees Lipstick $19.99

This comes highly recommended as a hydrating, nourishing lipstick. Bec recommends Blushing Basin as a fabulous nude colour

Models Prefer Samantha Jade Strobing Palette $19.99

Use the tones most suited for your skin colour to contour and the rest for eye shadows and blush!

L’oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Dullness $26.95

Because if you can get a colour corrector and skin brightener in one product, why wouldn’t you use it?! And it makes tired skin look less so, yassss!!!!

What do you think? Great products Bec has picked for us aren’t they? We will all have glowy skin, great contouring, fabulous brows and beautiful lips ready to attack anything that comes our way! If you don’t have time tomorrow or Thursday to get into Priceline, shop online. And make sure you’re part of the Sister Club so you can earn points and rewards…I’ve just gone up a level, totes excited. Aiming for the top with ALL THE BENEFITS!

*this explains the club and why you want in!

I highly recommend hijacking a makeup artist friend if you have one to take when you pop into Priceline for new supplies. They can help you with colours, making sure you don’t go too pale, too dark, too pink, too yellow…these are things you can do with colours, scary huh?! If you don’t have a MUA friend, find one stat!!! Or ask instore, I’ve always found the staff quite helpful.

Now to Bec and her deets as promised! You can find her here and here. Or in Priceline helping me select products. Cos she’s rad like that!