Trend #2 of 2017…the MINI BAG

If I picked up one noticeable trend from the International Fashion Weeks of Paris, New York, London and Milan, it was the popularity of the mini bag amongst the fashion elite attending the shows. Mostly in bright colours to really stand out, the mini bag which doesn’t fit much more than phone, keys, lippy and your bankcard, can add a lot to your outfit. It can lift a monochrome ensemble by giving it that pop, it can add the perfect colour clash to an already colourful getup, it can tone down a patterned dress for example by giving a solid block of colour, it is just a really handy little addition to your outfit without costing the earth!


I’ve hit up my fave budget friendly online shopping destinations to find NINE rad mini bags for you. Three colours with three price points for each. Sadly I couldn’t find any of the gorgeous emerald green I wanted, but did find other beautiful shades for you!

MINI BAGS by liz

Pop over to Vogue here for some great bags seen on ‘the streets’ at Milan Fashion Week. You’ll have to agree, the mini bag is everywhere! What I’m not too sure about though, is the wearing it so high up on the body…a la pic #18/53! Thoughts? How do you take it off gracefully to sit down for coffee, to get in the car, to try something on?! Or am I sounding like an old nana?!

And from someone who loves a biggish bag to fit all my stuff in, I’m not sure if I can downsize ENOUGH to get to a mini bag but I’m willing to try 😉 Will you be mini’ing with me? xx