Trying to choose a shoe for Frocktober #sendhelp

So this is where I’m at with my Frocktober campaign…trying to choose a single shoe that will work with 99% of the frocks I will be wearing. Does such a shoe exist? A shoe that works with the minis, the maxis and every length in between. A shoe that goes from casual to dressy whilst providing comfort and super style. Should I give up on finding this unicorn of shoes before I even begin the search?! And yes, I’m quite possibly…likely…most definitely even, focusing on silly details to avoid being overwhelmed by the whole month because that does happen. I want to do such a good job for everyone from honoring my mum, to raising lots of splash for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to showing off every single frock that has been generously donated to me for this cause in the best possible fashion that I stress. I stress a lot. I acknowledge this stress though and seek to escape it somewhat by focusing on silly details that occupy my thoughts without actually being stressors in themselves. Anywho.

What are your thoughts? I made a fab little survey that you can fill in for me to help me decide. I basically have two options, a white sneaker or a heeled ankle boot, either tan or white. One speaks to me in a comforting voice saying your feet will love me most and you’ll have plenty o’ street cred wearing me, the other says I am fashun. I belong with frocks and would totes fit in at fashion week. This is the choice I’m leaning towards…I think.

Before you submit to my killer survey, here is some stylin’ evidence for all choices…

1. the white kicks as seen on one of my fave bloggers Aylin Koenig, obvs Gucci sneakers would be my first choice but hubs probs won’t sell his bike to fund these 😉

2. the tan heeled ankle boot via Pinterest

3 or 2.2 the white ankle boot seen errrywhere at fashun weeks 😉

So without further ado…please take the survey lovely xx

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Thank you for your time 🙂 #teamkicks or #teamboots