#shoplocal for your skinny kids with Frankie + Roy

Hands up mums (and dads) who have ever struggled to find clothing that is a. long enough for your babes long limbs and b. narrow enough for their skinny little waist. I’m tipping quite a few of you have had this issue. We definitely have, with Alex in particular. He is really tall for his age and always has been, but is also quite slim. Finding pants that fit around the waist whilst being full length has never been easy, you either buy two sizes up for length and then hope they don’t fall down or just live in shorts. However, local mum Jess has come to the rescue with her brand new clothing line, Frankie + Roy, which launches today!

At 4pm today, Sunday 24th September 2017, Melbourne’s newest fashion label for kiddies launches! With classic unisex styles in sizes 1-7, all designed, sourced and made right here in Melbs, you would be cray cray not to kit your slim kiddies out in this gorgeous clothing. I met Jess, the founder of Frankie + Roy for a cuppa and park date a little while ago and we bonded over our skinny kids, love for basketball and #shoplocal. In between mum life, working part time and being a super lovely lady, she has managed to start up her own small business from scratch to fulfill her needs and that of many a parent out there who struggle to find clothing for their babes.

Without further ado, here is Jess to tell us all about her biz!

Please give a brief introduction about yourself…

I am a mum of two gorgeous boys Patrick 3 and Louis 1 and one on the way in Feb 2018. Woo hoo!! But also, WOW. Like just how busy can one lady be?! I’m tired just thinking about it!!

I love running and pilates but also coffee and cake. Me, I just like coffee and cake 😉

I love cooking. Might have to invite myself round to test this statement out!

What is your business and what is it all about?

FRANKIE + ROY is all about slim fit clothing for your little ones combining classic wardrobe staples with quality + style.

Where do you do it from?

Currently I am working from home on our dining room table. Frankie + Roy is 100% Melbourne designed and made which I am so proud of achieving. We only sell online at

When did you start your business & why?

The business has been in the works for 12 months with launch happening September 24. TODAY!!!!

I started Frankie + Roy as I was over taking in waist lines, having pants too short + bad fitting tops that lost shape for my boys and was struggling to find what I needed in the market. So I took the leap and decided to design a kids wear label the was specifically for Slim kids.

Why is #shoplocal important to you? Do you source materials &/or manufacture locally? 

We are so proud that we are 100% manufactured right here in Melbourne and that everything from trims, patterns, fabrics and labels are all sourced from Australian retail businesses.

I have loved being able to drive up the Eastern Fwy (not necessarily the actual road as that is quite boring) to meet all of the businesses that i am working with and get to know them. All the businesses have been very supportive and want to help make Frankie + Roy succeed as it also helps their business.

The important question: TEA OR COFFEE???!!!!

COFFEE!!!!! strong latte thank you

pop in all your links and contact info here…basically your business card info!

Thanks so much Jess for giving us the downlow ’bout your rad new biz. I know that we will all be checking your site out and sharing with our fellow mummas of slim kids! And I’ll see you at the Rangers in a couple of weeks if not before lovely lady xx