Meet: Emily and Bohemian Traders

OMG, it’s day 11 of Life, Loves and Liz does Frocktober 2017 already…one third of the way through. I’m swanning about in my second of four frocks from Bohemian Traders today and feeling fabulous. If you have somehow managed to NOT come across Bohemian Traders before, you are about to fall in love, and if you already know BT, the love will be there already. I know this as Bohemian Traders is a fave label of mine and makes up at least 1/4 of my wardrobe!

The frock I’m wearing today is BRAND SPANKING NEW. (check it on insta) I had it in my hot little hands before it was even on the site…this was next level excitement for me. Receiving a not yet released frock from my beloved Bohemian Traders is about as exciting as things can get for me! Yep I lead an exciting life 😉 but seriously, it rated pretty high on the awesome things to happen to me scale. And you will have to agree it’s a pretty rad frock. Have received a number of compliments today #yay

And even though Emily has gone above and beyond with her sponsorship, I asked for just one more favour, a quick Q&A with the main babe behind this rad brand… So without further ado, onto the second of my meet the sponsor posts (the first one here)

A brief introduction about yourself if you will…
I’m Emily, the Director and founder of Bohemian Traders. I’m a mum to 3 crazy kids and wife to Dave. Life is very…. full… yes, we’ll go with ‘full’. I am so stealing this adjective to describe my life…it’s ridiculously spot on!

What is Bohemian Traders all about as a brand?
We are ALL about inclusivity and real life! Bohemian Traders offers classic styles for the modern bohemian. We are all about decoding runway trends and refreshing every woman’s fashion ambitions. We champion size inclusivity in all our garments and believe that every woman should look and feel her best.

Upcoming trends coming to BT for SS17/18?
Our high summer collection is all about Luxury Bohemian Resort style living. You will find 100% cotton pieces, delicate hot stamping and the ultimate essentials to throw in your bag for a weekend with the girls.

Your wardrobe staples?
Most days you will find me in a pair of jeans. For the days with a slight chance of a breeze there will be a Blazer on hand.

On trend pieces to add in for SS17/18?
This SS17 season we can’t go past ruffles, delicate feminine prints and your go to dress for the Spring racing season and of course Christmas lunch.

How’s the ruffles? #bestillmybeatingheart

Who are your style icons?
Hmm, probably Marianne Faithfull – I describe my style as Rock N Roll meets Prep, and that’ s exactly what this vixen was all about. Love this style description

Fave brands to go to outside of BT?
I can not go past a good Gucci or Chloe! Emily has THE best shoes in the biz, and bags, and belts…her accessories are to die for <3

We obviously love you for choosing to support Frocktober, but what about this cause made you want to help?
I think it’s such an important issue for women’s health! Bohemian Traders champions all women, and we would love to see earlier detection and more available treatments for such a terrible illness.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee!! A babe after my own heart <3

Where can we find you?

If you pop onto insta at @bohemian.traders I will always be hanging around here. NB.the retail squad are always popping up in insta stories showing you how they style all the new pieces which is awesome with all their different styles, shapes & sizes. Love this feature!

Thank you so very much Emily for letting us “meet” you and Bohemian Traders…and THANK YOU for your amazing frocks. Hubs better bid on at least one of them for me 😉 Which frock has been your fave so far?