Last minute Valentine’s Day Picnic ideas

How are you spending Valentine’s Day night? With your most beloved in a swanky restaurant? By yourself or at work? Or like us, do you have kids in tow? Because we have three babes and the idea of trying to find a babysitter on Valentine’s Day is just too much like hard work, we include them and have a family dinner full of fave picnic foods at either the beach or the local Botanical Gardens, depending on the weather. Friends who feel like coming along (if you’re at a loose end, just message to see where we are πŸ˜‰ ) are more than welcome. It’s a big love fest!!!

This is the weather forecast for today:

picnic weather
W I N D Y with a capital WIND!!!!


If the possible rain holds off, I’ll get hubs to check the radar a bit later, we will defs head to the beach. Nothing more fun than watching the kids run around and play in the water, whilst we relax on the sand. Otherwise the gardens where we went last year were just gorgeous.

But the big question is, WHAT WILL WE EAT????? Such a very important part of any occasion is the food part. Get the food right and nearly everything else will fade into significance πŸ˜‰ So, what is portable, occasion appropriate and family friendly? #themilliondollarquestion

the menu:

picnic prawn roll
Donna Hay’s Classic Prawn Rolls
Ella doesn’t eat prawns so I’ll make some of these and then some similar with tuna for her & whoever else wants them
picnic zucchini slice
Julie Goodwin’s Zucchini Slice
Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good zucchini slice? This takes me right back to High School Home Ec classes!!
picnic bocconcini
Chowhound Marinated Bocconcini
Some for the picnic with some other nibbly bits & some for the weekend
picnic potato skins
Jamie Oliver Potato Skins
Fab and easy dish to do for a crowd
picnic quesadilla
Chorizo & spud quesadillas
We are all obsessed with quesadillas of late, these will be easy & filling as a picnic item
picnic chocolate tart
Jamie Oliver’s Rich Chocolate Tart with Salt Flakes
What is Valentine’s Day without chocolate? For the grown ups only though!

Would you come to my picnic with food like this?! You are welcome to! Though you’ll have to fight Tom and the kids for most of these food items…I feel like they could be quite popular. And though there might be several items, they are all super easy and can be eaten cold, though I will heat before leaving. That way everyone can swim/play to their heart’s content, then eat when hungry. Is that not utter perfection?

If you are in need of some picnic approps crockery and cutlery, pop into Kmart, they have a great range of plastic and melamine at very friendly prices. Of course if you were more organised than me, you would have gotten your mitts on some of the goodies from my Valentine’s Day post and some of your food and setup would be organised already!


Listen to a Valentine’s playlist like this one from Spotify to get you feeling the luuuurve for the day!


Cos it’s Valentine’s Day, the lovelies at Decjuba are offering 30% off storewide! *T&C’s apply obvs.

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