About Ovarian Cancer


16 years ago I lost my mum to ovarian cancer. Part of my life’s mission now is to raise lots and lots and lots of lovely dollars for the OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation) so they can do their amazing work in researching and developing an early detection test for this oft too late caught cancer.

The Facts:

  • one woman dies every TEN HOURS from Ovarian Cancer
  • there is currently NO early detection test
  • symptoms can be as vague as bloating, feeling full, back pain, weight loss or gain, nausea, fatigue, all things that can be put down to “that time of the month”, being run down or any number of reasons that we as women will overlook and push through
  • approximately 75% of women diagnosed are at an advanced stage where treatment is not generally successful
  • at the moment, only 43% of women with ovarian cancer will be alive five years later

These are horrifying facts. And the fact is, more money is needed to find an early detection test, lots more money. The unlucky woman could be your wife, your best friend, your mother, sister, aunty, cousin, daughter, grandmother, neighbour or barista. Anyone with ovaries. We all need to come together to help.

Last year I took part in two fundraising events which are now part of my yearly schedule…

  • the We Can Walk It Out run/walk event which I’m doing this year with my husband and babies-we are walking 4kms in memorium to not just my mum but to all those women and their families and friends whose lives have been touched by Ovarian Cancer. Our team is called Frock Ovarian Cancer Off! If you want to join our team and either walk or run in the event (which takes place on Feb 28th at The Tan in Melbourne), click here and search the team name when you get to step 4. if you can’t take part but would like to donate, this is the link: donations


  • Frocktober…a month long fundraising campaign. Participants ‘frock up’ for a day, an event, a week or as I did for the full month, posting pics on social media with the hashtag #frocktober . Frocktober is just as much about raising awareness as it is about raising much needed funds. I was incredibly lucky to have many business sponsors on board who helped keep me in frocks for the month and at month’s end I had managed to raise just over $3800. This year I aim to double that. If you would like to jump on board as a frock sponsor, please email me at lifelovesandliz@gmail.com



Ovarian Cancer Australia is a fabulous website with information regarding symptoms, treatment and support, research, events and awareness along with a Symptom Diary to track any symptoms and give to your doctor.

OCRF February Newsletter: the latest in events, research, treatments and facts each month.