nursery printable

There are a number of hooks on the wall in bub’s room just begging for some art. As time is running out before her arrival and as Target have just begun a home sale, photo frames, I have decided to take the plunge and pretty up the blank wall. These are all printables/PDF’s from Etsy so there is no wait on postage and the price means I can change them up whenever the mood strikes!

As if I’m not going to have at least one gold print! $6.14

Too cute! $8.93

A little glitter never goes astray! $5.58

Who doesn’t want their daughter shining brightly all diamond like?! AUD $5.58
There are a million more (not much of an exaggeration) prints that I love for her room too so expect them to be changed up frequently!

dream catching <3

I love dream catchers. the concept is just gorgeous and I think every child should have to have one in their room! a dream catcher is native American in origin and is used as a protective charm, hung above infants beds to ward off nightmares. they allow only good dreams to filter through and “catch” the bad dreams to have them disappear in the light of day. ella and alex both have a dream catcher above their beds so I am now on the hunt for one or four for the new bubs room. I have a feeling her room is going to descend into an over the top vintagey pretty space filled with florals and feathery/lacey dreamcatchers!

Doily dreamcatcher

doily dreamcatcher $35 by love your dreams

Doily Dreamcatcher (Earth Colours)

doily dreamcatcher earth colours $28 by dream a little dreamcatchers

PRINT A4 Bohemian feather and flower Dreamcatcher Wall Art

bohemian feather & flower print $55 by ink hearts paper

LoVe HeArT  , WiLLoW DreAM CaTchER

love heart willow dream catcher $40 by the black cat gallery

Green Bell Dreamcatcher

green bell dreamcatcher $55 by nomadic tara

all these pieces have been taken from EtsyΒ and are from Australian sellers! there are 1000s more if you look to overseas sellers but with so much talent in our own backyard, we hardly need to!

of course, I could probably DIY my own dreamcatchers and will prob give it a whirl but a couple of these ones will def have a place in our home β™₯

coral pretties

as we head towards christmas at full speed ahead, here are some etsy pretties of the coral (aka perfect summer colour!) variety! β™₯

women bracelet-Coral leather bracelet with gold tubes and gold magnet

this gorgeous coral & gold bracelet is just begging to be on my wrist ;-) & at under $10 the kidlets can definitely combine their wealth to get me this! coral leather braceletΒ $9.90US

Temporary PINK Hair Colored Chalk - Dip Dye Pastels, Peach, Hot Pink, Baby Pink

hair chalk…a fun & temporary way to colour your hair, loving coral/pink for some subtle streaks! hair chalkΒ $3.95

16x16" storm cloud grey 100% cotton with coral 'LOVE' design - cushion cover handmade

although mostly charcoal, the coral font is so pretty β™₯ love cushionΒ $29

Pastel iPhone 4 Case Paint Wood iPhone 4 Case Geometric Modern iPhone 4S Case iPhone 4S Case Fall Color Trend iPhone Cover

loving ALL cases by csera & this one is no exception! pastel case $24.99US

Coral Peach Ombre hand dyed Fabric "rag" garland - Wedding & Party decor, photo backdrop

ombre coral fabric garland…oh so pretty!Β am in love wit whole shop actually! $40US

Clutch // Coral Pink Faux Leather - Natural Rustic Burlap // Made to Order

so cute! coral burlap clutchΒ $27US

heart prints

i love buying prints. to the point i have imposed a ban on myself from buying anymore until i frame those i have already… ;-) etsy is my main source of all things printy…whether local or overseas, actual print or pdf, there is something for everyone that suits any budget.

these are a few of my fave stores/prints…

aura has the most devine prints ever. the printing is of superb quality and the subject matter speaks to me like no other (yes i may be a little obsessed!!). i have bought a few prints from her and have a few more on my wish list…plus she is a melbourne gal to boot <3

Love - In FRENCH 11.70 x 16.50 (A3) Vintage inspired PosterΒ $35

also hailing from melbourne, the love shop prints come to you digitally so you can print when the mood strikes either at home or at a printing place. they are super cute & fun!

Je Taime (I Love You) French Quote (in Jet Black and White) No. 014 - 4x6 Printable Digital Download Collage Sheet. FREE Delivery via emailΒ $5

this cute US etsy store has a heap of heart prints, it was very hard to pick just one! i went with the one i want to buy for ella’s room <3

S A L E // I Love You Forever & Ever - 8x10 Print - Custom Color Option×10Β $9.95(sale)

this store shows only a small portion of her works which you can see on her fb pageΒ & presumably order either via fb or etsy. you can get any of the prints either as a digital file or an actual print which is fab for us non american buyers as we don’t have to wait for shipping.

8x10 Family Print×10-family-printΒ $15

from texas, US, these watercolours are stunningly simple. i’m not normally a watercolour person but these might just change my mind :-)

Coffee Lover Art Print Red Heart Watercolor Kitchen Bistro Diner Coffee Cup 8x10Β $20

brassy kitchen bits

i love me a bit of brass and copper as opposed to gold and silver when it comes to homewares. the both gain such a beautiful patina over time.

2010 Antique Brass Kitchen Sink Faucet / Mixer Tap K019

this gorgeous antique brass kitchen mixerΒ ($51.30 sale eBay) would look awesome against a black or white sink

these antique brass cupboard/draw knobsΒ ($6.35ea eBay) have an aged look already

gorgeous matte brass under cupboard lightingΒ ($8.83 eBay)

Fluted Brass - Large Vintage Brass Bowl - Brass Petal Bowl

this fluted brass vintage bowlΒ ($32US etsy)Β is just stunning whether as a display piece or for use as a salad bowl or the like

Vintage Thai / Siam Salad Serving Fork and Spoon, Brass and Wood

vintage thai brass salad serversΒ ($18US etsy) are super cute for yummy summer salads

mountain lodge interiors

i am not a fan of the cold. i would never willingly go the snow nor live in the mountains but i do adore mountain/ski lodge interiors. all wooden and warm with roaring fires, snuggly blankets, hot chocolates, cute animals heads (of the fake variety), floor cushions on which to lay in front of the fire etc etc. i think it has something to do with the simplicity and naturalness of the materials. wooden walls and floors steal the show whether left in their natural state or limewashed, furs and woollens add texture and warmth and cute kitschy accessories give the rooms personality. this is my take of a mountain lodge should i ever have to live in one!

my mountain lodge

a couple of these items i adored when used on the block and have been waiting to pop them into a post, for those of you who watched the block-do you remember them?!