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  • Cabaret The Musical – Review

    Last Monday, as you probably already know from my pre, during and post photos and ramblings, I went to the opening night of Cabaret The Musical in Melbourne at The Athenaeum Theatre, Collins Street. Two words… LOVED IT! Make it three… IMMENSELY! Whilst this is a review, it’s not going into what the storyline is, […]

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  • The Play That Goes Wrong Review

    On Tuesday evening, I met husb in ‘town’, aka the big smoke, aka Melbourne for a night out…WITHOUT THE KIDS!! We had tickets to see The Play That Goes Wrong at The Comedy Theatre. And what a great night we had! We laughed and we laughed. And we laughed. Sometimes at other people’s laughs which […]

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  • The Legends In Concert Tribute Show was Legendary

    This Legends In Concert Tribute Show was enormous fun with a big fat capital F! Featuring tribute artists Prince, Olivia Newton John, David Bowie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Adele and Elvis, this concert at The Palms at Crown Melbourne had my ladies and I out of our seats singing and dancing, sparkling in hand for the […]

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  • Twinning with the grey skies of Melbourne

    When the skies are grey, we have two choices – be gloomy and miserable (like the skies) or choose to take inspiration and twin! Melbourne does grey and winter spectacularly well, so rather than succumb to misery for several long months, I choose to be inspired by the many shades of grey the skies throw […]

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  • Your Look’s Five Faves

    With more than 20 years of fashion industry experience, Anika Walker knows how to dress. The renowned Melbourne Stylist shares her knack for fit, fabric and fashion with men and women as a personal and fashion stylist for some of the countryโ€™s biggest brands including Swarovski, Myer, Jeans West and Land Rover. For five years […]